The unique and limited 99 NotaBubble and 99 NotaMoon are each digitally drawn by hand.

This artwork is a collective effort by the 9 artists of NotaNFT. Produced during a 9 days meditation retreat the drawings reflect on the essence and ephemerality of being.

Next to this 99 .gif will be released that compose the individual NotaBubble and NotaMoon drawings into one collective work. A work that captures our belief in a singular and unified universal consciousness.

NotaBubble and NotaMoon is the first step by NotaNFT that will revolutionise NFT space. A revolution we will set out in our roadmap and white paper planned to be released in the coming weeks.

NotaNFT is an art collective founded in 2021. NotaNFT consists of 9 artist / crypto developers from North America, Europe and Asia. Together NotaNFT have set out to revolutionize NFT space. By merging contemporary philosophical insights derived from quantum mechanics and ancient buddhist meditative practices NotaNFT will produce works that will critique, invert and revolutionize the NFT universe.